The Mumbai-based Independent record label and marketing services entity 9122 Records is led by its founder, Sunil D'Sa. 


With over 24 years of experience working with the world's leading record label Universal Music Group, Sunil spearheaded the entire gambit of Marketing for UMG India & South Asia. From innovative 360 degree campaigns to brand integrations and strategic tie-ups, Sunil has broken numerous International artistes and genres in India and also ensured the label's dominant market share in the International music space.


9122 Records is a one-of-its-kind entity in India, fully focused on International Music only. The label will bring in music from around the world and present it to the Indian audiences who are now consuming International music like never before! From Pop, Dance to Reggaeton, from Rock, Rap & Hip-hop to Dancehall, from Country, Reggae to EDM, 9122 Records will license, deploy, market & promote your repertoire in India & South Asia, providing for a 360 degree label service.


The label will also support exceptional local talent in the `English’ music space.


Reach out to us for your synchronization requirements be it Brands, Films, TV shows, Ads or Events. We will provide you with the perfect music that connects with your audiences. And if we don't have it, we'll create it for you using the best International acts on the roster.


9122 Records is your gateway to a vibrant Indian music market…Dial-In!

Sunil D’Sa

Founder, 9122 Records

"Delighted to launch 9122 Records with DJ Snake’s Premiere Classe! It’s exactly what the label stands for – just great International music from around the world! The internet in general and more specifically ‘Streaming’ has opened up the Indian market. Our audiences are now evolved and consuming International music from all over the globe like never before. 9122 Records will bring into India `International music’ from around the world and across genres – from pop/dance to reggaeton, from rap/hip hop to dancehall, from reggae to EDM, music lovers can expect some exciting music coming real soon! "

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