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Candid conversation with DJ Snake

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

1. Tell us about your very own record label - `Premiere Classe Records’, your inspiration behind it?

DJ SNAKE: I wanted to have a place where I can support new talent. Fresh fire from all over the world.

2. What kind of genres will `Premiere Classe Records’ cater to?

DJ SNAKE: So far its within the electronic genre but I don’t see this is a genre based label, I will put out what I want, when I want.

3. Tell us about ‘Premiere Classe Records’s exclusive association with the newly launched Indian record label 9122 Records. How did it come about and why 9122 Records?

DJ SNAKE: We had worked with the owner before at my record label and he was a great leader so when he left we had to work with him. He understands what I want and how important India is to me.

4. Do you feel that collaborations with local labels help in increasing the reach of artistes and the music?

DJ SNAKE: No. I don’t want to do that. If someone is good from anywhere in the world, big, small – whatever. I want to work with what is great.

5. Will you sign up Indian artistes to `Premiere Classe Records'?

DJ SNAKE: Of course. If it’s dope, we are your new home.

6. Any message to the next generation of artists, especially in India?

DJ SNAKE: Stay true to who you are. The moment you think about money, you sell out.

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