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Curtis goes Gold !

Updated: May 3

Curtis Waters’ huge 2020 debut single “Stunnin’” ft. Harm Franklin is now certified GOLD in India as per the Indian Music Industry (IMI) award certification criteria. The 20-year old US based artist of Nepalese descent has been worked in India & South Asia exclusively by 9122 Records via BMG and has been the `International Breakthrough Story’ of 2020 here. Follow-up singles off his debut album Pity Party too have been very well received thus building a formidable fan base in India.

In an extremely short period since he dropped his debut single in May 2020, , Curtis Waters has amassed a staggering 650 Million streams globally, propelled by his massive viral hit “Stunnin’” that has now been certified Platinum in Canada and Gold in INDIA, USA, Brazil & Mexico.

Curtis Waters is starting the new year right with a vibey new alt-pop track, “DooDooDoo” which drops worldwide on 20th Jan 2021. The song kicks off with his iconic “Good job, Curtis!” production tag and builds into an infectious, pop-rap dream with witty lyrics and shimmery production elements picking up where “Stunnin’” left off. Curtis knows no limits as he continues pushing his artistic boundaries delivering a celebratory track that shows off his newfound confidence and swag.

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