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Oh my good Lord! Shaboozey single, A Bar Song (Tipsy) is on fire!

Updated: May 3

Ever heard a song and immediately knew it was a hit? That's the only way to describe Shaboozey's A Bar Song (Tipsy) which has taken the world over by storm!

Simply put, the song is a hit that not only jams hard, but also brings the lyrics to J-Kwon’s 2004 mega-hit Tipsy into the fold, and made it a song that you can bump in the club.

Fun Facts:

SHABOOZEY is the only artist to have 2 features on Beyonce’s latest album `Cowboy Carter’  (“SPAGHETTII” + “SWEET ★ HONEY ★ BUCKIIN”).


A Bar Song (Tipsy) was released worldwide on 12th April '24 and has till date been streamed 47 MILLION+ times on Spotify alone!!!

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