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A Bar Song (Tipsy)

“A Bar Song (Tipsy)” beautifully embodies the values synonymous with the genre, filled with liquor, parties, and breaking out of the routine 9-to-5. Written by Shaboozey, the track builds on the Virginia native’s devotion to country music as he sets his smooth vocals to an upbeat clap tempo and includes crowd-filled backup vocals, well-placed fiddle riffs, and a folksy acoustic guitar.

On “A Bar Song (Tipsy),” Shaboozey shares… “Early 2000s Hip-Hop and R&B were such a huge part of my childhood and I had been wanting to flip one for a while into a country song, so we did it with “Tipsy.” I love how it turned out because it’s a true blend of genres I love. It’s a song that I wanted people to hear and just wanna have fun and party!”

Shaboozey continues to break out in both country music and in pop culture. Honored with the privilege of joining Beyoncé on her critically acclaimed masterpiece COWBOY CARTER with features on Billboard Hot 100 charting tracks “SPAGHETTII” and “SWEET HONEY BUCKIIN,’” which resulted in his Billboard Hot 100 debut, the Nigerian-American artist has gained more than 12 million monthly streams.

Streaming juggernaut and critically acclaimed single “Let it Burn,” the haunting heartbreak track “Anabelle,” and most recently, “Vegas,” a sing-along ready single straight from the wild west, give fans a taste of what to expect on `Where I’ve Been, isn’t Where I’m Going’. With shows across Nashville, New York and Los Angeles this May, fans can expect a stand-out set with his latest tracks as well as to-bereleased songs from the highly anticipated upcoming album.

“bona fide crossover artist named Shaboozey"

“Shaboozey has carved out a unique space on more recent efforts like ‘Anabelle’ and ‘Let it Burn,’ layering his deep, drawling voice over acoustic guitar and folk-pop grooves while adding dashes of rap.”
- The New York Times

“Over the past decade, Shaboozey's music has incorporated elements of country, Americana, rock, and hip-hop.” - Rolling Stone

“transcends all definitions and restrictions with his music” “a genre-fluid artist who combines musical styles that emerge from hip-hop, Afrobeats, jazz, Americana, rock, country, and Western” “Shaboozey is a multihyphenate who transcends all definitions and restrictions”


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