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The Response

“Open Doors”

Exciting alt–pop duo known as The Response, hails from Christchurch, New Zealand, and is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Andrew Knopp and multi–instrumentalist Victoria Knopp.

The Response encapsulate a blissful mix of alt–electronic soundscapes that takes you on a journey to their musical land, leaving one pondering, thinking and hypnotized by the duo’s melodic charm and insightful lyrics.


Described as “indie-proper”, the duo write, produce, record, mix and master all their own music. Often introspective, their music is said to "offer a sense of cautious hope, one that brings nostalgic touches of loss, belonging and identity" (Permanent Rain Press).

Their songs have collected global airplay support in the U.S., Australia, Europe, South America, Asia, Australasia and South Africa.

The band’s latest offering is the brand new 5-track EP OPEN DOORS. The lead single off the EP is the brilliant “Tallest Walls" which the duo says is "about enjoying the good things while you have them".


Determined to translate their music from tape to stage, The Response have crafted a live show that utilizes every one of their limbs and will leave you wondering exactly how the duo – just two of them - can make so much noise. Their dynamic live show has allowed them to share the stage with such international acts as Baio (of Vampire Weekend fame), Deep Sea Diver (Seattle), Big Scary (Australia) and Kate Boy (Sweden), as well as grace local festivals including Electric Avenue.

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Stream the full single at:

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